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Circular Beds C1

C1 Circular Bed

Bed Diameter 61cm or 24 inch, weight 3kg

Guaranteed to take 20kg. 

Suitable for Toy breeds, most terriers etc

 Price $95.00 Twin Skin $120.00

    2. C2 Circular Bed

Bed Diameter 76cm or 30 inch, weight 4kg

Guaranteed to take 40kg. 

Suitable for Cocker Spaniels, Corgis

 Price $125.00

3. C3 Circular Bed

Bed Diameter 91cm or 36 inch, weight 6kg

Guaranteed to take 67kg. 

Suitable for Labrador,Setters, German Shephards, Dobermans etc

 Price $155.00 Twin Skin $190.00

 4. C4 Circular Bed

Bed Diameter 106cm or 42 inch, weight 7kg

Guaranteed to take 80kg. 

Suitable for Afghans, Borzois, Old English Sheep Dogs,Salukis etc

 Price $205.00 Twin Skin $260.00

5. C5 Circular Bed

Bed Diameter 122cm or 48 inch, weight 9kg

Guaranteed to take 90kg. 

Suitable for St. Bernards, Great Danes or use by 2 or more dogs

  •  Price $265.00 Twin Skin $320.00